English for Customer Care

  • Introduction to Customer Care (success factors, businesses and jobs)
  • Face to face with customers (body language, a company visit, meetings do’s and don’ts)
  • Dealing with customers on the phone (general telephoning, customer phone call, what the customers really hear)
  • Call Centre success (taking an order, troubleshooting)
  • Delivering customer care through writing (effective letters and emails, formal/informal styles, the five Cs of customer care writing, a case study)
  • Dealing with problems and complaints strategies and policies, apologising, explaining company policy)

English for Human Resources

  • Recruitment (Job descriptions, person specifications)
  • Selection (Job advertisements, CVs, job interviews, ageism)
  • Employee relations (employment contracts, health and safety at work)
  • HR development ( practises, dealing with staff problems, appraisals)
  • Reward and remuneration (salary and fringe benefits, salary reviews)
  • Industrial relations (role of Trade Unions, Labour relations, a wage negotiation)

English for Telephoning

It is a 20-hour course for those who need to make effective telephone calls in a business context with motivation role-plays for pairwork speaking tasks.

English for Emails

It is 20-hour course for those who need to write emails in a business context. Different email styles and key language are dealt with in this course.

English for Finance

It is a 20-hour course for those who need to communicate with colleagues ans clients about accounting and financial matters. Special attention is given to payroll administration and Dutch tax law.

English for Meetings and Presentations

It is 20-hour course for professionals who need to atttend meetings and give presentations. Special focus is on the appropiate language for formal and informal meetings. Useful phrases and vocabulary are exercised.

English for specialized professions

These are tailor-made courses for small groups or individuals employed in specific occupations such as medical specialist, lawyers and human resources. The focus is to provide relevant, practical business communication skills needed to align projects with broader organizational objectives.

Dutch for Socialising and Work

This intensive foundation course in Dutch is designed for students with no previous knowledge of the language. Offering an original and distinctive approach to language learning, the course presents Dutch within its cultural context and encourages both practical language skills and enhanced communicative strategies. Using authentic language throughout, the Intensive Dutch Course takes students from beginner to intermediate level in one year. Progress is carefully structured, starting with simple grammar and working towards more complex points with the acquisition of a significant body of vocabulary, so ultimately enabling students to understand complex language patterns and express themselves in a wide range of situations.